Free website to give your business to get new clients ands connect with them .

Our U.S.-Educated Marketing Experts Bring You Exclusive Insights: Custom-Crafted for you to Win in a Addis Ababa’s Competitive Market.

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Dental marketing Addis Ababa
Dental marketing Addis Ababa
Dr Kinfe Araya
Dr Kinfe Araya
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They have made my website for my clinic, I admire their work and cooperation. We haven’t had a transformational team member until we met them.
Dr. Fithanegest Mamo
Dr. Fithanegest Mamo
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Digital marketing was a foreign concept to me. However, the work they have done has transformed my clinic. There videography team is fantastic.
 Dr. Huda
Dr. Huda
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They ranked my website No.1 in google. They Also made the website, with my custom needs. My customers book to my clinic and refer people to my website. Great work.

So what problems can we help you with?

Do you have an issue with… 

Getting customers

Getting referrals from customers

Customers having issues with booking

Employee work, efficiency and control

Then we will do this for you …

We will market your clinic through our highly effective methods Video production, Facebook advertisements, etc…

We will build a system that can make referring you very easy, fulfilling and rewarding for your customers

We can make you a website that lets your customers book online with easy and satisfaction

Our experts will create a team management structure and systems that will make your life easier and save you money

  Our guarantee: Results or free extra month

  Personal Assigned Agent

 USA Educated Marketing  Experts

Process to partnership with us in
3 simple steps


Make and appointment here by filling out this form. Click to make appointment 

Business analysis and proposal stage

We will go in depth to understand what your business needs. Then we will design a custom proposal for you that will help your business excel .

Implementation and results.

We will finalize the proposal in collaboration with you. Followed by the implementation of the robust strategies. Throughout this process, we will gather concrete data to monitor results and progress. 

The change we bring to your

Our services

Website Development

Custom website, for all your need. Booking, services page and

Paid social media Ad's

Custom website, for all your need. Booking, services page and


Custom website, for all your need. Booking, services page and

Employee and Structure

Custom website, for all your need. Booking, services page and


Custom website, for all your need. Booking, services page and

Content Production

Custom website, for all your need. Booking, services page and

Our Services

Content production
Create videos that effectively describe, engage, and communicate with your audience, ensuring they are visually appealing, cohesive, and professionally presented.
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Ensure all your content—including your website, videos, and social media—is easily accessible and prominently displayed at the top of search results.
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Employee and structure
We will implement strategies, provide consultation, and organize your team to enhance professionalism. Manage your organization confidently and with peace of mind.
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Craft a brand image so distinctive and compelling that it's recognized even by those unfamiliar with your work. With a harmonious blend of color, font, design, and a powerful message, your business's name will become a staple in every household.
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Paid social media ads
Experience business growth within days. Your presence will expand across phones, TVs, and social media, becoming familiar to everyone. As they get to know you, you'll have the opportunity to help them.
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Website Development
Develop a website that effectively communicates everything you offer to your customers. They can easily find information, ask questions, and schedule appointments. By fulfilling all their needs, you'll turn them into loyal customers
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Assesment Quiz

Which services do i need ? are we the right fit for each other ? Find out.

 Understanding digital marketing can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the field. To make it as simple, we’ve created a quick, 3-minute quiz designed to help you identify the specific digital marketing services that your business needs. 

  Our company offers a wide range of services, and you might wonder which ones are right for you. This quiz, with just 10 questions, will help you understanding about digital marketing and the options most relevant to your business. 

  If you are ready to work with us, we welcome you to schedule an appointment right now. 

  If you’re seeking more clarity on what digital marketing entails and how it can benefit your business, taking this quiz is an excellent first step. Let us help you navigate the digital marketing landscape more effectively.

Advert Navigation is one of the best Digital marketing agencies, just as we have been
for the past 3 years

4.8/5 across all our platforms from over 300 reviews 

Our Story


Amde Advertising Agency’s story began with a simple yet powerful encounter. In Denver, Co,Usa, a real estate investor named Dave Ludena faced a difficult challenge. Despite his efforts with banners, magazine ads, and social media posts, success remained out of reach, leading to a sense of doubt over his dreams. His business seemed more fiction than fact to his friends and family.


The turning point came when Dave met Noah, his college friend, to have drinks. Dave poured out his frustrations, Dave found not just a sympathetic ear but a solution. Noah, along with Alula and Kalab, transformed Dave’s business completely. By creating a digital office through a website, their innovative banners and social media strategies began to pay off. SEO efforts launched Dave’s presence to the top of Google searches in Denver. The final piece was Kalab’s expertise in paid advertising across Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. This collaborative digital strategy led to a staggering $113,300 in real estate commissions for Dave, marking a happy turnaround.


This success was the catalyst for the formation of Amde Advertising Agency. Kalab, residing in Addis Ababa, inspired us to expand our operations to Ethiopia. We’re now on a mission to replicate our success story for more businesses. We have created a team in from Ethiopia’s young minds. It is not just about advertising; we’re committed to educating, mentoring, and guiding our young team towards unparalleled success. This will accelerate your success over your competitors, and also creates an opportunity for our young team in Addis Ababa.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Articles also linked below for further explanation


What types of marketing services do you offer to dental clinics?

  • Website – This is your digital clinic. People see your service, phone #  price and make appointments. Its easier to go to a website than an office. 
  • Seo ()-  When people search “Dentist ” in Ethiopia Your website shows up high(#1) on google
  • Paid Advertising –  We pay facebook, instagram and tiktok to put you in front of Ethiopian people that have teeth problem.
  • Social media production-  We make professional videos with you and your staff for addis ababa people to see you and engage with you
  • Sms campaign- We collect interested people’s phone number for your clinic and send them a valuable message to help them and make them a client
  • Business structuring –  We will train your staff to be professional, produce rule and management strategy for them. Implement dress code , performance metric and cash control mechanism. 



How do you tailor your marketing strategies to the dental industry?

  • Our strategies are built on in-depth industry knowledge.
  • Patient engagement, clinic reputation, and specialized services promotion, 
  • We create campaign before/ after campaigns that have been widely successful 
  • We have professional writers that make your customers heart melt 
  • Positioning you as a leading expert


How do you measure the success of your marketing campaigns?

  • “Success is measured through a variety of metrics, 
  • How many people come to your website,
  • How many of the people give us their information 
  • How many people engage on social media engagement and go to website 
  • We provide detailed analytics and reports to demonstrate the effectiveness of our advertising.


What is your process for onboarding new dental clinic clients?

  • You schedule a call with us here. 
  • We get to meet you and have a conversation about your needs
  • We come up with estimation and proposal for you 
  • We Agree on terms and start working on making your business shine


What is your pricing structure for digital marketing services?

  • Our pricing varies based on the services selected and the campaign’s complexity. 
  • We offer flexible pricing models, including monthly continuous packages and project-based pricing, to fit different budgets and needs
  • We create a custom proposal for you based on your size, needs and budget


How do you handle communication and reporting with clients?

  • You will have a dedicated customer contact person that will be assigned to you. If you have any questions or need an update they will be waiting for your call. 
  • If your contact agent is unable to help you. You will be introduced to the agents superior which will provide you all the help you need 


Can your digital marketing services integrate with my existing marketing efforts?

  • Absolutely. We study your current marketing activities and integrate our digital strategies to complement and improve your existing efforts
  •  We will Ensure an integrated and comprehensive marketing approach.


What makes your marketing strategies specific to dentists in Addis Ababa?

  • Our strategies are tailored to the Addis Ababa market
  • We take into account local consumer behavior, competition, and cultural nuances. 
  • We focus on what works best in this specific region for dental clinics, based on data and local market insights.


How will digital marketing help me gain more clients?

  • Digital marketing boosts your online visibility
  • Attracts a targeted audience that need Dental service , 
  • Effectively communicate your services to potential clients with low effort
  • Building brand recognition and trust, which are key to converting randoms into new clients

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